2 thoughts on “UK: Horsemeat containing carcinogenic drug ‘may have entered food chain’”

  1. Just looking in Wikipedia one finds: “The are conflicting opinions regarding the carcinogenicity of phenylbutazone in animals and there is no evidence it causes cancer in humans at therapeutic doses.”

    Farther down Wiki says: Kirkland and Fowler (2010) furthermore explained that the theoretical carcinogenic effects of phenylbutazone in humans cannot be studied because patients prescribed the drug were given doses far below the level any effect may become apparent (<1 mM).[12] The World Health Organisation's International Agency For Research On Cancer (IARC) stated in 1987 that there was inadequate evidence for a carcinogenic effect in humans.[14]"

    Why do radical environmentalists continue to play this tiresome game? Why do newsies continue to be deceived by them?

  2. There were only small traces of horse meat mixed into the beef that was sold for human consumption. Some states in the U.S. have allowed horse meat to be sold to the public and so too in France. Where are the bodies?

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