Sunstein: U.S. Should Act Unilaterally on Climate Change

Lead and hope the worlds follows?

“There are plenty of bad objections to taking such action, and we will be hearing a lot of them in the weeks and months to come. Yet one criticism — let us call it the Sophisticated Objection — deserves respectful consideration, not least because answering it will help us to specify the steps we ought to be taking. Those who make the Sophisticated Objection acknowledge that climate change is a serious problem, and that the world’s nations should be doing something about it. They contend, however, that unilateral action by any country, including the U.S., will impose significant costs without producing significant benefits. The underlying problem is that the risk of climate change is a product of two things: the existing “stock” of past greenhouse-gas emissions and the continuing “flow” of such emissions.” [Bloomberg]

4 thoughts on “Sunstein: U.S. Should Act Unilaterally on Climate Change”

  1. Same argument proposed by the Australian Gov, just prior to their passing the Carbon Tax: Our population might be smaller than that of Texas, but the world needs a leader like us.

  2. The US should act unilaterally on “climate change”. We should announce that the evidence fails to support the idea that human activity is altering climate or weather and that we will build our economy to improve our society and the lives of our citizens.
    We won’t, but we should.

  3. What an arrogant argument. The US is just so special and so important that if we work on killing an economy with scam science, others will follow. Really–Australia tried that and guess what? No one cared except all those in Australia who lost their jobs, etc. When did one person cutting back ever help? I suppose if the climate change idiots like Jeeter didn’t hop on jets to Sweden, maybe it might help. But shutting out the lights on the unwashed masses while Jeeter flies first class to Sweden is just flat out mean and nasty and lacking in any kind of human compassion. These people are just flat out cruel.

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