Airlines ‘made billions in windfall profits’ from EU carbon tax

Corruption breeds more corruption.

“Airlines made windfall profits of up to €1.36bn (£1.2bn) last year from a EU carbon tax they claimed would impose crippling costs on industry, according to a report into the measure’s impact on the industry.” [The Guardian]

3 thoughts on “Airlines ‘made billions in windfall profits’ from EU carbon tax”

  1. Why is this not being touted as a huge success? Being green is good for business, etc.? Simple. Being green is supposed to be bad for business. Business is what they’re actually against, and the CO2 campaign is supposed to hurt business really badly.

  2. “People have paid for fighting climate change. Why should that contribution go towards the profits of the company?” said Bill Hemmings, aviation manager at Transport and Environment. “Collectively they should make a substantial contribution to the green fund.”

    No, that’s not what people have paid for. We have paid for our transportation needs. If we were overcharged, I would expect a refund.

    In no event I would want that money to go to any green fund. I’d rather contribute it to the airlines’ profit. They are at least useful for something, and their profit margins are not that great.

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