Oreskes equates climate change to the ‘Nazi atomic bomb’

And Obama should save us with an Executive order.

“But President Obama can move independently of Congress to address this critical issue: He can mobilize scientists through the U.S. national laboratory system… While historians have long argued about the seriousness of the threat of a Nazi atomic bomb, there is no question that at the time it was viewed as imminent. Today we face a threat that is somewhat less immediate but far less speculative. An obvious response is to engage the national laboratory system to study options to reduce or alleviate climate change, which the president could do by executive order.” [Washington Post]

6 thoughts on “Oreskes equates climate change to the ‘Nazi atomic bomb’”

  1. I love the idea that so many people with a specific agenda, that no one but they want, have no problem suggesting that our leader circumvent Congress to achieve their goals.

  2. Oreskes is the perpetual con artist. She created junk studies claiming a consensus through fatally flawed manipulation of her data, has continued to ride on her lies for all of these years, simply adding more onto her falsehoods as she goes. Now she tries to demonize those who know she is a charlatan and a habitual liar. The Nazi bomb is her group with their seeking to destroy the US and give us to the UN and their one-world government.

  3. PBS says there was no Nazi bomb in the making. Does that mean that there’s no global warming in the making–merely a scare tactic just like the rumors of the Nazi bomb. Methinks it does.

  4. And as it turned out, what the nazis had, was not even Close to being a bomb.

    But AGW has Definitely bombed.

  5. And Obama should save us with an Executive order.

    LOL, Obama is too busy writing executive orders for gun control to be concerned with more important issues like jobs and the economy, let alone less important ones like global warming.

  6. Haven’t enough time, money, and globe-trotting junkets been wasted on this fantasy already? And the threat is far more “speculative” than it is “immediate.”

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