AP: Obama ‘Doesn’t Have Control of Day-to-Day Weather’

He promised warmer Inauguration Day weather.

“Scientifically, the president doesn’t have control of day-to-day weather. While his policies can lessen or worsen future projected global warming on a large scale, they cannot do anything about Washington’s daily temperature on Jan. 21.” [Associated Press]

2 thoughts on “AP: Obama ‘Doesn’t Have Control of Day-to-Day Weather’”

  1. Not a problem. The Candy Man will just tell everyone it’s warmer and they will believe. Works for most things, so I can’t see why it wouldn’t work for weather. NBC will probably cooperate and report it was warmer and sunnier than last election, even if it’s freezing rain.
    I want to believe….I want to believe……;)

  2. Since Obama claims to have the power to stop seas from rising and the climate from warming, I would like him to demonstrate those powers. He could set up his throne near the low tide line on the Bay of Fundy and hold back the incoming tide from engulfing him. If he succeeds, we can all kow tow to the new messiah.

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