IBD: Electric Cars Don’t Sell But Let’s Build More Anyway

“With $1.4 billion in help from American taxpayers, Nissan has begun assembling its electric vehicle in Tennessee. It had better use some of the money to buy a large parking lot to store all those unsold cars.”

[Investor’s Business Daily]

One thought on “IBD: Electric Cars Don’t Sell But Let’s Build More Anyway”

  1. Many people live and commute in places where a 100-mile range, with an eight-hour recharge, would be okay for normal use. But we all have abnormal uses and I, for one, can’t afford a library of cars.
    If we ever get a five-minute charging cycle for electrics, they may yet flourish. We can produce electricity without smoke or with smoke that we can control better than we can millions of car engines. For now, though, electrics remain niche vehicles or showboats.
    Anything that requires a subsidy or mandate is guilty until proven useful. Wind, solar, car-pooling — if they stand on their own, well and good. No compulsion, no games.

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