Firms Sue Energy Dept, Claim Cronyism in ‘Green Car’ Loan Program

“The White House and the Energy Department say all clean energy loans and grants were decided on the merits” — the merits of political contributions, that is.

“An electric car start-up and its sister company sued the Energy Department on Thursday, claiming Secretary Steven Chu and his agency awarded money to politically favored firms and strung along their firms and others in a “fixed” race for federal funds.” [Washington Post]

3 thoughts on “Firms Sue Energy Dept, Claim Cronyism in ‘Green Car’ Loan Program”

  1. My former next-door neighbour who worked his ass off campaigning for Obama between 2006 and 2008 used to brag that he was promised funds to develop electric cars “for Chicago” — whatever that meant — should Obama win. From what I hear now, pretty much everybody was given the same promise.

    What is it about electric cars that mobilises people? To me, it sounded like the forty virgins in heaven promised to muslim martyrs.

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