4 thoughts on “Hate speech from NYTimes re women in combat?”

  1. Does this mean all 18 year old women will now have to register with selective service, as do 18 year old males? No one seems to be asking this question but me, why not, what am I missing?

  2. Not just involved, but including the commanding general Janis Karpinski. She was demoted as a result, but her rank was later reinstated.

  3. Heh. I served on active duty from 1976 to 1996. I served with people of every description: gay and straight, men and women, every pew in God’s house and a few that weren’t, every ethnicity I can think of. There were people I admired in every identity group and people I could have lived without in every identity group.
    Leadership traits have little to do with testosterone in my experience. People with drive, ambition, and devotion to duty are a lot alike whether they are men and women. That includes both their virtues and their vices; several officers who happen to be women have been disciplined for sexual relationships with subordinates and some of those probably involved a degree of coercion. Some NCOs too.

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