Rush to Natural Gas Has Coal-Fired Utilities Seeing Red

Is cheap natural gas here to stay?

“U.S. electricity producers have ramped up their use of natural gas now that technological advances have unlocked vast amounts of the fuel in shale rock formations. But executives at some top utilities remain wary of relying too heavily on natural gas to make electricity, worrying that its current low price may not last.”

Read more in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required).

3 thoughts on “Rush to Natural Gas Has Coal-Fired Utilities Seeing Red”

  1. Your prediction is more reliable than a climate model. Keeping something plentiful and highly useful like coal in production takes pressure off of other sources. All of the above – as someone said to get himself elected and falsely convincing people of his sincerity.

  2. This is a valid concern. Natural gas and petroleum have had boom-and-bust cycles since they became important fuels around 170 years ago.
    It would be a typical “progressive” outcome if the “green” pressure on coal led to a shift to natural gas, and then the “progressives” made fracking almost impossible and helped raise the price of natural gas. Or is that suspicious of me?

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