Hagel: EPA ‘is a Gestapo’

And Hagel didn’t even know about EPA’s human experiments!

“[In June 1996] Hagel was appearing before 125 people at the Lincoln Independent Business Association luncheon to outline his economic plans. The future Senator said he would reduce funding for all federal regulatory agencies by 25 percent, singling out the Environmental Protection Agency and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

‘This is a Gestapo,’ Hagel said of the EPA. ‘We have taken regulatory agencies way, way too far.'” [BuzzFeed.com]

3 thoughts on “Hagel: EPA ‘is a Gestapo’”

  1. I liked Senator Hagel before this post. I like him much more now. The EPA has been a disaster of first rank.

  2. On one hand, the article is clearly intended to smear yet another Republican as a racist, bigoted thug-in-a-suit by referring to an incident approaching two decades in age.

    On the other, I doubt the good Senator would be willing to display the same anti-EPA/-regulatory opinion today, whether couched in ‘politically sensitive’ terms or not. One must understand that his quoted comments were delivered in the aftermath of the “Republican Revolution,” and that the current political environment is almost the exact opposite.

    I predict that he will not willingly give up his place at the table by making such hard-line statements (or votes) any time soon.

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