Al Gore is now ‘richer than Romney’

Apparently still can’t find a conscience for sale.

“‘Taking into account taxes to be paid on the deal, possible earlier debt and the fact that Gore’s representatives declined to comment, Forbes conservatively estimates the former vice president’s net worth to be at least $300 million, making him wealthier than unsuccessful Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney,’ says Ryan Mac, a Forbes analyst.” [Washington Times]

2 thoughts on “Al Gore is now ‘richer than Romney’”

  1. From The Telegraph: Will these revelations ruin Gore’s reputation? Probably not. Devotees of living saints tend to be blind to their sins and often take criticism as evidence of a conspiracy against them.

    I think they get it.

  2. Ever notice nobody on the Green Left defends Gore against charges of hypocrisy? He’s been up to no good for so many years that there’s been plenty of time for them to say something.

    Maybe there’s something about wanting to stay on the good side of a Green with so many greenbacks. It’s always been about money and power, and not about CO2.

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