Current TV staffers lash out at Gore

“The mostly left-leaning group—some still in denial —weren’t buying what Al Jazeera was selling.”

“He’s supposed to be the face of clean energy and just sold [the channel] to very big oil, the emir of Qatar! Current never even took big oil advertising—and Al Gore, that bulls***ter sells to the emir?” [New York Post]

4 thoughts on “Current TV staffers lash out at Gore”

  1. What’s really remarkable is that the Leftards at Current TV are surprised. The hypocrisy of an anti-CO2 jet-setter with a house that uses as much energy as half a town isn’t obvious? How about the fact that the ‘carbon credits’ he sells are actually invested in a stock portfolio heavily weighted with shares of General Electric? If this guy would sell carbon credits to Qataris, why shouldn’t he sell them a cable TV channel? Like all things CO2ish, it’s all about the money, and always has been.

  2. Al Gore has never got over the fact that he won most of the popular vote but still lost the election to Bush….That is why Bush and Gore have nothing in common, after the official term limit’s stopped. Gore is getting older and when a “”fast”” buck came by…he grabbed it in his haste for glory, what he didn’t see was that the buck had blood on it. Blood of our American soldiers fighting for his freedom.
    He is looking for more glory with his global warning debates that the average Joe America has never accepted. It’s just another “”SHOW ME THE MONEY:…another greedy American. I’m just sorry to see that the person who was 2nd in line to lead our nation, has traded in his sole for a bucks..

  3. The reason that Al Gore sold out for a big profit is that he was depressed. Since global warming causes depression, then it seems that global warming is the underlying cause of Al’s very profitable sale. His $80M profit should buy a lot of anti-depressants such as a new yacht and a new girl friend and some gas guzzling cars and planes.

  4. Gore reminds me of Guy Owens’ “Ballad of the Flim-Flam Man.” He is in this to enrich Al Gore. They didn’t know that? Come on!

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