11 thoughts on “Bill would restrict ammunition sales in California”

  1. A tube magazine doesn’t use a clip to load, of course, and I doubt even this twit is actually trying to get my Rossi. I know shooters who use a tube to load their rifles, very efficient but you’d have a hard time carrying several of them. But then the Spencer had a similar device called a Quick Loader and cavalry riders often carried several.

  2. Figures that it would be proposed by this idiot Assembly member. Skinner is nothing but a union-paid-for leftist shill. I’m proud to say that I USED to live in her district but I’ve since moved out of the once Golden State. It’s people like Skinner that drove me out of my native state. I’m in exile in another state that has less pleasant weather, but certainly has better tax and business rules. It’s a shame that California has been lost to the leftist loonies. Sadly, those that remain are too stupid to see the downward spiral that Skinner and like-minded politicians are doing to the State of California. As with a drunk, only when they hit bottom and accept that they have a problem, will the state be able to start toward a better future. That is not likely to occur in the near future.

  3. MT Geoff, the way I read things, if your rifle has a fixed magazine, the *clip manufacturer* decides whether it’s an assault rifle. Yep! If the fixed mag “can accept” more than 10 rounds, you’re equipped for Newtown and need to be on a list somewhere.

  4. Howdy Bob
    The really fast shooters can crank out rounds from a Rossi or a Henry to keep pace with a semi-auto. But my epitaph is “The sloth got him.”

  5. How does slightly restricting the weapon options for a madman prevent him from killing people?

  6. I’ve seen how fast you CAS guys shoot them lever guns. Not sure a semi-auto is much faster. Also, that 158gr bullet has a tad more mass than the 55gr .22, if not the muzzle velocity.

  7. Howdy bestruger1022
    I reload .38s for cowboy shooting. Obviously this restriction on ammo would have to extend to componenets — I buy bullets and primers in lots of 1000 and I’m a low-flow reloader.
    I never thought my Rossi was much of an assault rifle but it does have a fixed magazine that might take 12 rounds. I haven’t been able to find Sen. Feinstein’s lists (120 out, 900 in) to see how my rifle comes out.

  8. “The massacre in Newton, Conn., and other mass shootings have prompted for a call to curb gun violence.

    California assembly member Nancy Skinner answered that call with a proposal to restrict ammunition sales in the state.”

    This will curb “gun violence” exactly how? She has answered the call. A turkey coming to a duck call.

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