Bacteria in the atmosphere may be affecting the Earth’s climate

Airborne fecal matter makes you sick and alters climate?

“Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology have discovered a surprising amount of bacteria in the atmosphere, and the recently published study posits that such bacteria may be affecting the planet’s climate and even the global spread of disease.” [The Verge]

5 thoughts on “Bacteria in the atmosphere may be affecting the Earth’s climate”

  1. Howdy tadchem
    I like your point, but then people have been decrying our elected representatives since we started voting and I’m sure the churls thought the same thing about the barons along about the time of the Magna Carta.
    As far as I can tell, most voters will tell you that Congress consists of 532 fools and their own reps.

  2. Scientists have idintified a major source of airborne fecal matter approximately 100 miles (160 km) north of the Richmond VA area. Closer investigation will require the use of self-contained breathin apparatus.
    As near as can be told at this point, something hit the fan several years ago, and continues unabated to this day.

  3. Exactly. This is not drivel; my only objection is to presenting it as a discovery. The atmosphere is stuffed with bacterial and fungal spores. That’s why we do sterile work under the hood.

    Take any raindrop or a snowflake, and you will find at least one cell in it.

  4. It makes sense to find bacteria in the air and maybe being distributed by currents. It’s harder to imagine how this would be a new phenomenon or how it would be a new forcing in the climate system, but anything in the atmosphere can be involved in climate somehow.

  5. So maybe my “tooth decay causes global warming” thesis has legs?

    Is there no end to drivel?

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