2 thoughts on “LaPierre: NRA won’t accept ‘blame’ for criminals”

  1. Americans have been conditioned since the 1960’s by their politicians and their press to accept guilt for things which they have no responsibility for, like ‘slavery’ and harder-to-find wild animals.
    Murder is the sole responsibility of the murderer. Rescidivism, on the other hand, is the responsibility of both the criminal and the legal institutions that have released a proven felon back into society to harm anew.

  2. Well, no, the NRA and law-abiding citizens should not be accepting blame for people like Loughner and Lanza. We should insist that our rights are ours even if some people want to restrict them because they think the guns we like are scary.
    Heaven knows that if the First Amendment covers flag-burning, the Second covers “weapons of war” in the hands of the people. Got to keep the government clear that they are our servants, not us theirs, and Obama is clearly fuzzy on the concept.

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