AGU Honors Gleick

Shame among alrmists is harder to find than global warming.

“But the most surprising, even astonishing, appearance was by Peter Gleick himself. Gleick did not simply return, but was honored by an invitation to speak at a prestigious Union session. I hadn’t even thought to look for Gleick on the program, but noticed him outside a session.” [ClimateAudit]

2 thoughts on “AGU Honors Gleick”

  1. Wake up! You guys once or twice have saved the free world and now you are eating yourselves from the inside. The worst kind of enemies are those who are kind of “democratically” elected, because they mask their mole activities as democracy. Look at Germany when Hitler rose! With friends like Gleick ,who needs an enemy?

  2. So you can commit federal crimes for political motives, admit to it publicly, and then not only escape punishment, but still be an invited speaker?

    I’m not getting it.

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