Video: Milloy exposes EPA's outlaw human experiments at Locke Foundation

Steve Milloy talked about the EPA’s outlaw human experiments on July 16 at the John Locke Foundation in Raleigh, NC. The talk includes brand new information about the EPA’s illegal conduct.

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  1. Steve –
    Highly enjoyable and informative talk. But in future, PLEASE repeat audience questions into your mike. Most of your question period went for nothing, because the questions were inaudible.

  2. The Green movement has spread lies since the early 1960’s, when Rachel Carson falsely claimed in her book titled: “Silent Spring”, that D.D.T. was not only dangerous to the health of the Bald Eagle, but also causes cancer in humans. I myself, my wife and tens of millions of people around the globe, including the millions of Allied personnel during W.W.2 and the tens of thousands of liberated prisoners of war, were treated bodily with that substance to rid us of head- and body-lice, which bring typhus and our homes, crops and every building were sprayed twice a year to kill mosquitoes, the bringer of malaria and nobody has ever contracted cancer from it. While D.D.T. had saved some half a billion people from malaria and typhus since it first came on the market in 1942, since the ban on production and sale in 1972, some 1-1/2 million people have died and are still dying each year from those 2 deadly diseases in the poorer countries, with more than half being foetuses still in their mothers’ wombs. I received a very weak explanation from one of her female managers, who pointed out that the the W.H.O., while not being able to give one proof of cancer in humans caused by D.D.T., still deems it a “probable cause” and thus not a factual one. I then asked Ms. Jackson to explain, how she and her staff could ever sleep peacfully, knowing that she perpetuates the near genocide. Of course, I did not receive any reply anymore. The Green movement has become a very corrupt and dangerous movement and even Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, has distanced himself from that movement. It is very disturbing, that your President Obama is so enthralled with the environmental zealots and assists them in destroying the fossil fuel industry. When he inititally vowed to create 5 million jobs with the “green energy” (wind- and solar-power) generation, so many voters believed him, but sofar with an outlay of approx. 34 billion dollars, he has managed just 62,000 jobs in that section at the cost of more, than half a million for each job. He could easily have eradicated unemployment by opening up the huge reserves of oil/gas/coal in so many U.S. areas and not only creatie the necessary jobs, but also for once and for all, freed the U.S. from its dependence on oil from Arab countries, which hate our democratic way of life. He is a man of many words, but no action, like so many very well trained lawyers. Look at how bad California fares with its dislike for fossil fuel electricity generation with the highest unemployment rate in the U.S., compared to North Dakota with its many fossil fuel mines, at aprrox. 1/3 of California’s rate! I sincerely hope, that the Republicans will win in november, because then other countries might follow the U.S. and rid themselves from the shackles of the “Green ideology” for once and for all and allow everybody to have a decent job to afford a house to live in.
    Noslap from Sydney, Australia.

  3. It does have provisions against providing deadly medicine, though.

    I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect. …
    Whatever houses I may visit, I will come for the benefit of the sick, remaining free of all intentional injustice, of all mischief …

  4. All that is required for evil to flourish is for good men to say nothing. There is no assurance that speaking up will vanquish the evil, of course, however that does not relieve one of the responsibility. We need more men like Steve Milloy. Hopefully he will serve as a good example for the rest.

  5. Do these people really believe PP2.5 is as deadly as Lisa Jackson says or do they know better? The EPA, like every other government bureaucracy, set up to “protect” the citizenry, must continuously justify its existence, consolidate and grow its power and influence in order to achieve major financial support for an activity that produces little to no tangible benefit to society. The disgruntled, anti-capitalist, intellectual academics dream job.

    Major, existential threats are required. If there aren’t any, you better make some up but be careful to make them as nebulous, illogical and impervious to the application of common sense as possible. What better way than to selectively apply a little science, an altruistic concern for the welfare of all humanity and couple that with the creation of an arch villain, the dragon that must be slain, namely Capitalism and especially Capitalist America, the “epitome of greed afflicted with an obsession for profit uber alles.” Enter an Ice Age, Anthropogenic Global Warming, Climate Change, CO2, Greenhouse Gases, the dreaded Mercury, PP2.5,, rising sea levels, vast animal extinctions, severe weather events, the sky is falling, doom and gloom at every turn, oh what are we to do? Pay attention! Listen up, take it all seriously and play it safe; weigh the life and death risks, the dire future to be faced by “the children” and suppress all concern for anything else.

    If Lisa Jackson, the EPA and the good doctors at UNC really believed what their human, PP2.5 experiments are supposed to prove, they’d all be walking around wearing respirators. And is it not interesting that at least some of their subjects have existing health problems whose life threatening influence can easily be suppressed in favor of the preconceived, preplanned result; death by PP2.5 inhalation.

    It’s the imperative agenda that must be sold to a compliant populace motivated by constant threats of impending doom. Given the power vested in the EPA, its longevity and its influence over national and even international economic policies, the dangers they perpetually predict are the very least of the problem few have the courage or influence to address. Mr. Milloy has been at it for many years with no apparent impact on the undue influence the EPA and the radical environmental movement in general, exerts on public or political opinion. How does one discredit organizations that profess to exist only to save the planet and every living thing on it? A once significant, relevant activity concerning legitimate environmental concerns that has morphed into the epitome of a politically motivated snake oil scam obsessed with the acquisition of power.

  6. My connection is terrible, and thus the video is unwatchable. Any chance this will be put in YouTube format, or the transcript made available?

  7. Steve: The Hippocratic Oath does not contain the words “first, do no harm.” That is a traditional but entirely separate ethic.

  8. Great presentation. This presentation should be shown to everyone in the United States. Readers e-mail this presentation to your representatives in Congress. Members of both parties can recognize this is criminal behavior by the EPA and rules governing their behavior must be changed.

    This exposes the EPA’s attempt to manipulate science to push their agenda of abolishing the use of fossil fuels in the U. S. On top of this disgraceful behavior, we have EPA abolishing insignificant mercury emissions from power plants and mandating puting mercury containing compact flourescent light bulbs inside your home where breakage and contamination is a certainty. We have EPA cracking down on ozone from power plants and demanding increased use of ethanol in gasoline(E-15 will be sold by gasoline stations) which experiments show causes increased ozone in car exhausts.
    James H. Rust, Professor of nuclear engineering(ret.)

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