NIH asked to investigate misconduct at Environmental Health Perspectives in EPA Human Testing Scandal

Federal regulations require that allegations of scientific misconduct be thoroughly investigated. But Hugh Tilson, editor-in-chief of the NIEHS journal Environmental Health Perspectives only thoroughly stonewalled us in the EPA human testing scandal involving “killer” airborne fine particulate matter (PM2.5). We have elevated the matter to the Office of Research Integrity.

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6 thoughts on “NIH asked to investigate misconduct at Environmental Health Perspectives in EPA Human Testing Scandal”

  1. Good on you. Sometimes persistence pays off – like recently in Australia.
    An FOI by one blogger at exposed the absence of any death threats at ANU (University) against climate scientists previously reported world wide. MSM took it up and It is quite an embarrassment for our public broadcaster ABC and the university.

    Exposing climate alarm lies one at a time.

  2. Noble effort, and keep trying. Mrs. Rand warned us about the “State Science Institute” a half century ago. Only now we have State Science Hydra…..

  3. It took a full dozen years for The Lancet to retract the Wakefield vaccine-causes-autism paper. In spite of the praises sung about peer review, the system actually has *no* built-in incentives to correct errors. Everyone involved, from the publisher all the way back to the person who originally thought something would make a neat-o experiment, has only one option with an up-side: ignore the problem and hope it goes away. In the vast majority of cases, this approach actually works. It very nearly worked with The Lancet — and in that case, *there were actual human fatalities* involved.

  4. While I won’t go to the extremes of the other commenters, and I do agree that this matter is worth pursuing to the utmost degree, I also worry that nothing will work. If they can stand behind this kind of blatant and elementary research fraud, which we were warned and prepared against so strongly as far as grade school, and publish papers that just ignore contradictory evidence. If the scientific associations are willing to ignore this kind of prominent malfeasance which occurs in so blatant a medium.

    I am left without hope for American Science.

    That was a depressing sentence to write, but I find that I cannot delete it.

  5. “We have elevated the matter to the Office of Research Integrity.”

    I support your effort Steve, but the US federal government is a fascist criminal enterprise and I do not believe the it has any integrity at any level. I will be very surprised if I am proven wrong.

  6. It is good to pursue this to higher authority, but don’t expect complete satisfaction short of the US Supreme Court.
    Sen. Franken has found that Atty. Gen. Holder feels that the Supreme Court Decision ( United States v. Jones, 2012) demaning warrants for the use of GPS surveillance on vehicles by law enforcement agencies is not binding, despite the explicit declaration of the Supremes that such surveillance violates 4th Amendment Rights.
    “Rights” of non-rulers seem to mean little to this administration.

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