7 thoughts on “Would You Believe Bill McKibben Doesn't Know Who Funds 350.org?”

  1. The Rockefellers also provided the land for the UN headquarters in New York. The UN are the other big promoters of the the Global warming FRAUD. There has been no warming for 16 years, despite CO2 levels still rising. Obviously, the theory is just plain WRONG. To continue plugging it and refusing to admit that the theory is WRONG while using the false argument to destroy the economy and our way of life is TREASON.

  2. The Rockfellers fund it. They are big oil, and along with Maurice Strong created the global warming/fossil fuel hoax (it’s not from fossils) in order to keep control and keep prices high.

  3. The Rockefellers fund him because they and Maurice Strong created the GREEN agenda to take control and keep prices high. Fossil Fuel is a hoax… so is global warming.

  4. NGOs take all sorts of precautions to ensure that nobody knows where the money comes from. Maybe McKibben isn’t in the ‘need to know’ loop.

  5. I like the line just a bit earlier, when he suggests throwing their bodies in front of the fossil fuel industry. I’d like to suggest a coal train in Wyoming.

  6. I couldn’t take more than 5 minutes. It was like listening to dumb and dumber only without the humor.

  7. The obvious source of funding for McKibben is Big Oil. They are paying for his absurd rants in order to develop push back from the rational public. McKibben is a victim.

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