Obama: GOP would 'poison' kids with pollution

The Washington Examiner reports:

President Obama suggested this evening that the Republican governing agenda will lead to “poisoning our kids” with pollution.

“I believe that it is part of our solemn responsibility to future generations that we look after this planet; that we make sure our air is clean and our water is clean; that we’re not poisoning our kids,” Obama said at a campaign fundraiser tonight. That credo came as he explained that “the contrast between visions in this election could not be more stark, because I believe that America is stronger when we’re looking for one another”…

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3 thoughts on “Obama: GOP would 'poison' kids with pollution”

  1. It’s even worse than we thought. The Republicans not only want to poison the kids, they want to prevent babies from being aborted, so they will have more kids to poison. Perverts! [/sarc off]

  2. Were it a Republican speaking of Democrats, the complicit media would be barking and howling about “over-the-top” comments and ‘inflammatory’ rhetoric.

  3. His message is so devoid of any rational logic that he must stoop to petty fear mongering in order to secure votes. Just remember, crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant.

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