Judge dismisses two girls’ lawsuit about climate change

“The girls and their mothers wanted Oregon to take more steps to protect the state from global warming.”

The Register Guard reports:

A judge on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit that two young environmental activists filed last May, seeking to force the state of Oregon and Gov. John Kitzhaber to take more stringent steps to protect the state’s atmosphere, water, land and wildlife from the impacts of climate change…

4 thoughts on “Judge dismisses two girls’ lawsuit about climate change”

  1. Any money the nightly marches were exactly the same crowd, probably funded by a GetUp style organisation. I would hope the general populace yawns when they see the rent-a-crowd go by.

  2. I spent a week in Portland several years ago and every night they had protest marches in downtown Portland. Don’t ask me what they were about all I saw was a waste of police time providing protection to a bunch of idiots with nothing better to do. Glad I don’t pay taxes in that looney bin.

  3. Hey! Little girlies! You don’t live under a glass dome. You can’t change Oregon’s atmosphere and not the rest of the world. Go back to school and learn REAL science.

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