Suzuki: Deny Deniers their Right to Deny!

Maybe we could be imprisoned?

David Suzuki rants:

…There are many credible sources of information, and they aren’t blog sites run by weathermen like Anthony Watts, or industry-funded fake science organizations. One place to start is at Skeptical Science. Click on the tab that says “Arguments” for scientific responses to all the main climate change denier talking points.

Another great rebuttal to the deniers came in a recent article in the New York Review of Books by Yale University economics professor William D. Nordhaus. He said his article, “Why the Global Warming Skeptics Are Wrong”, was “primarily designed to correct their misleading description of my own research; but it also is directed more broadly at their attempt to discredit scientists and scientific research on climate change.”

The misrepresentation of Nordhaus’s research is typical of the Orwellian doublespeak deniers employ, but scientists and researchers are calling them on it.

Armed with credible information, we can challenge those who misrepresent science, and spread confusion. If nothing else, we’ll be able to breathe easier!

Read the screed.

9 thoughts on “Suzuki: Deny Deniers their Right to Deny!”

  1. I used to like Suzuki. But what he’s doing here is crushing debate. You know the warmists are losing when they resort to personal insults. All of their disaster claims have been debunked. Give it a rest! Suzuki will die soon, and he will be a martyr to warmists.

  2. He must have dropped one of those mercury laden light bulbs he promotes so much in his dwelling one to many times

  3. Wait, wait………….Suzuki actually cites the Heartland faked memo as an example of deniars behaving badly?

    One word for him: Gleick.

  4. I’ve actually been to the skeptical science site. It was part of an intro to alternate enegry class, which was really just an indoctrination course is sustainability: peak oil, peak natural gas, the world is going to flood, storms/droughts are getting worse, and more frequent. Biofuels are wonderful. Organic farming is more productive then conventional, and just think of all the jobs will be created, so get on back to the plantation.
    In any case, the skeptical site mis-quotes skeptics, mis-characterizes and mis-states skeptic arguments. Fabrication and deception seems to be trait of alarmists.

  5. “Would it still make sense to continue rapidly burn the world’s diminishing supply of fossil fuels? Does it mean we shouldn’t worry about pollution?”

    So it doesn’t matter if man made global warming is real or not. He doesn’t
    have an environmentalist agenda; he has an agenda.

  6. Must be so annoying to have anyone challage his “opinion”. He is so 60’s mob…………all slogans and no facts.

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