Global warming’s first victim? Kiribati considers abandoning island nation

But they’re only concerned about a “possible” rise in sea level.

The State Column reports:

Global warming may have claimed its first victim.

The island nation of Kiribati is reportedly considering abandoning the island in favor of moving its populace to Fiji.

Kiribati President Anote Tong told the Associated Press on Friday that his Cabinet this week endorsed a plan to buy nearly 6,000 acres on Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. The president said the move would ensure the survival of his island’s culture and it would provide residents with a better chance of surviving a possible rise in sea level…

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9 thoughts on “Global warming’s first victim? Kiribati considers abandoning island nation”

  1. NL, some of the islands are actually sinking. It’s usually the freshwater ‘lens’ that sits under the island floating on a saltwater base. As they pump more and more of the fresh water out the ‘lens’ collapses causing subsidence. Another self inflicted wound.

  2. Somebody tipped all these pissant atolls across micronesia to the “the water is rising” lottery. Now, one after another they pile on. Nothing but rent seekers.

  3. The loony left nitwit government of Australia is already coughing up heaps.
    Proudly building seawalls I read recently. Stupid twice over.

  4. Kiribati is just one of the many coral island nations, who have destroyed the coral structure of their land by using “blast fishing” with dynamite and hand-grenades over the last 100 years or so. No wonder that the sea-levels seem to be rising, while their islands are slowly sinking and they try to blame the West for all that destruction through “AGW”. Here is just one of the many articles which expose those methods:
    Like so many once colonised countries, after they obtained their independence, too many of them are incapable of running their own economies efficiently and since the 1960’s have flooded the so much hated Western “colonial masters”. One only has to look at Europe to see the more than 50 million Muslims and other ex-colonial “refugees”, who cost their host countries many hundreds of billions of dollars and have increased the crime rates enormously. They wish to blame the West for all their “troubles” and are truly hypocrites!

  5. Oh. “Possible” is another word that needs to be extinguished from the lexicon. “Con”- get it?

  6. This of course is just more ‘junk’ – NZ now has the largest populated city of imports from th islands (many of them over stayers) but the bottom line is that islands such as Kiribati (pronounced kira – bass) have no economic future and rely upon aid money from Australia and the NZ governments. This is one man who has already tried the direct route of asking for the population of his island to be allowed to become Aust or NZ residents due to the emotional fear of rising seas – that was refused and now he is trying to play politics by attempting to purchase land off the present Fiji dictator. International observers may well be fooled but I don’t think local governments will get too excited about it since although they do not publicly state it, it is pretty obvious that even they know the fear of excessive rise in sea level is just a crock.

  7. I looked at Gilberts, Phoenix, and Line Islands on Google Earth. Go back
    to your homes, folks, nothing to see here.

  8. What will the Kiribati real estate cost after the place is abandoned? I’m interested.

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