Study: Eliminating Coal-Fired Power is Worth 0.2 Degrees in 100 Years

Shuttering all the world’s coal plants wouldn’t do much.

From Energy Collective:

A new paper in Environmental Research Letters called “Greenhouse gases, climate change and the transition from coal to low-carbon electricity” concludes that replacement of all of the world’s currently operating coal-fired power plants — which produce about 40% of the world’s electricity — and replacing them with renewable energy would have an impact of 0.2 degrees Celsius 100 years from now…

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7 thoughts on “Study: Eliminating Coal-Fired Power is Worth 0.2 Degrees in 100 Years”

  1. We’re talking theoretical forcing here, folks. Maximum results may be overstated by a mininum factor of 2 (Lindzen’s .5 multiplier) and actual results are dependent on many known and unknown variables. And that assumes that all the replacements aren’t net warming. Or, all you warmists can go get a real job which will be easier to find.

  2. If ‘greening’ 40% of our electricity supply saves us 0.2 degrees, then all we have to do is find a way to ‘green’ the other 960%. (/sarc)

  3. My goodness! That is impressive. Is it before or after the pending ice age?

    Exactly how many wind turbines and solar panels is that exactly (allowing for variable wind and sunshine availability)?

    From now on I shall be a true believer in AGW (this news and the fairies at the bottom of our garden – nobody sees them but me – have convinced me).

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