Feds, Cullen try ‘counseling’ skeptic weathermen

Taxpayer money goes to alarmist Heidi Cullen so that she can “create places” where skeptics can be converted without “marginalizing” them.

Greenwire reports in “Can counseling help weathercasters reconcile clashing climate views?”:

George Mason University’s conflict resolution workshop program for media weather forecasters can be compared to marriage counseling, said climate scientist Heidi Cullen.

“It’s sort of based on the same premise,” said Cullen, a former Weather Channel correspondent who is now interim CEO of a nonprofit news and research organization, Climate Central.

The program is designed to bridge the gap between broadcast meteorologists who do not believe in man-made climate change and those who do — a disagreement that has created antagonism within the profession.

George Mason social scientist Sara Cobb, who runs the program, says it is designed to let people tell their stories about climate change and hear others do the same in a supportive, open environment.

“It’s not about changing their minds or propaganda or anything like that,” she said…

Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, the workshops have run as side events during American Meteorological Society meetings…

“When the other groups realize that they have participated in denigrating and delegitimizing and marginalizing the ‘no group’ — and what it feels like — it’s a comeuppance,” she said. “It’s a really interesting perspective. Because then the conversation is no longer about who has the best science, and it’s really about how do we go about creating places where we can deliberate in ways that don’t marginalize people”…

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  1. “It’s a really interesting perspective. Because then the conversation is no longer about who has the best science, and it’s really about how do we go about creating places where we can deliberate in ways that don’t marginalize people”…

    Sorry Sullen Cullen but it IS about who has the Best Science… period. A theory is put up knowing it will be attacked from all sides untill it falls or is replaced by a better one. There is zero consideration for politically correct touchy feely emotional stuff or marginalized feelings. Science is a blood sport and they do keep score unlike liberal touch football.

  2. Joe Bastardi needs to go to this warmist’s re-education camp. Facts and logic have no place in a religious discussion.

  3. Sorry, you all just missed this point. This is the reeducation opportunity before the inquisition begins. One must remember that just because you do not agree with the warmist that they are not right. You just do not understand and need to be reeducated. Warmist will reeducate you or you will be removed from the discussion. That is the only way there can be a fair and balanced discussion.
    The warmist left “The World is freezing” religion when they could not get enough money or power. (We rational and sane people fully understand that the warmist religion is about money and power.) They demand that we do as they say (not as they do), that we do not disagree with them, and above all that we give them our money so they can preach more acquiring more power and money.
    Think this wrong, try to get a government grant to investigate if the earth 1) has been warmer, 2) had higher concentrations of carbon dioxide, or 3) the temperature cycle is affected by the sun cycle.
    There must be a reformation so that we can leave the warmist church. Preventing this reformation is the purpose of the reeducation opportunities they are offering. All we need do is be reeducated, send them our money and bow to the will of the warmist and all will be right with world.
    So spoke the Man (or is that Mann)
    P.S. any and all puns were not intended to offend the Man as one should not question another’s religious beliefs.

  4. The elite AGW crowd still does not realize, that the average person that they need to sway, is having no problems with the climate as it is.

    Unless the average PERSON experiences ill effects from the alleged AGW, such as more perspiration in their underwear, they will continue to work, and live as they have been doing. The average person does not give a Big Rats A** as to what these elite scientists(?) say, and will not, until they are personally affected.

    Feel free to argue amongst yourselves, as long as MY tax dollars are not funding your childish behavior.

  5. Self-criticism
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Under some totalitarian systems of communism, important party members who had fallen out of favor with the political elite were sometimes forced to undergo “self-criticism” sessions, producing either written or verbal statements detailing how they had been ideologically mistaken, and affirming their new belief in the party line. Self-criticism, however, did not guarantee political rehabilitation, and often offenders were still expelled from the Party, or in some cases even executed.


  6. How we ” can deliberate in ways that don’t marginalize people”…

    Really! Just another clumsy episode of our current government using funds to silence critics. Perhaps Ms. Cullen could hire Sandra Fluke to be the facilitator of these sessions and assist with the “voluntary” extirpation of skeptical thinking by having a group sleep-over hosted by some happy counselors of the Khmer Rouge regime.

  7. I know Dr Nasif Nahle. Dr Nasif Nahle is a friend of mine. Heidi is NO Nahle !
    BTW….Dr Nahle has great work posted, along with many others at http://Principia-Scientific.org

    meanwhile….i could not take the Warmist and Lukes seriously so i wrote “Epic Zombie Robot Battle Emerges”.
    and to make the label stick i followed with “Interrupting the Zombie-Robot Monotribe”.

    Enjoy !

  8. The AGW mob still has the burden of….prove it. We will not submit to economic ruin based of a WAT (wild-a**-theory). Secondly, we will not submit to global control freaks, because that is what all this is about, global social control via the most corrupt house on the planet, the UN.

  9. Let’s see . . . bridging the gap between weathermen with brains-and-logic and AGW.

    Here you are in one side of a big gorge full of really hot, leaping flames. There is a bridge (to salvation) to the other side where the people (true believers in AGW) there are already safe from the flames (of Hell). If you do not cross the bridge by truly believing and having faith, the flames will get you.

    This is exactly how fundamentalist Christians, the “Bible-thumpers” who believe in the literal Bible, try to convert people. The only way to safety is with faith and, if you have not converted yet, it is only because you have not tried to have faith hard enough, striving to make the logical part of our brains shut up. It’s all your fault—their presentation is flawless (the AGWers have made their indisputable case).

  10. These warmists really need to put the bong down.
    Faker Gleik heading up ethics, Yank-their-certification-Cullen heading up a can’t we all just get along workshop….
    What’s next? Hat trick Mann heading up a hockey clinic?
    A good start in saving the planet is for warmists to take a course in irony.

  11. Komandant Heidi – “Ve haf vays to make you comply. Bhwa ha ha ha ha”

    Besides, I thought The Ministry Of Truth had already pronounced on this at the last White House briefing.

  12. Her tweet that the earth was “pissed off” and so we had the Japan earthquake and Irene, as if there were no earthquakes before this AGW nonsense came up was remarkable, but a climatologist trying to use Irene, which though impressive, could not hold a candle to Donna, Hazel, Carol, Edna, 44, 38 shows exactly how inept she has to be, or if she does know, how deceitful. Its one or the other, there were far worse hurricanes that did not weaken, yet she spouts that. Seriously how can you think that if you know anything about hurricanes

    if you read this:

    you will see Nasif Nahle decimate co2 arguments right at the root, and I think that the idea that this is not flawed science, but fraud science is going to come to the front among rational people of good will. Now that would be a nice debate.. Nasif and Heide… or Nasif and Mike Mann. I would love to see them explain away the facts that Nasif brings up.

    In the meantime. 400 mb temps, where the IPCC said co2 was supposed to be causing the trapping heat layer are at record lows. The forecast I made on Oreilly with the triple crown of cooling explaining why we would go into the cooling phase, after the leveling off, is far more accurate so far than the nonsense spewed by these people


    They will run to natural variability, even to a point where they blame it for cold and snow.. Oh wait a minute, that has already been going on.

    The feelings over facts that we have sewn in education along with the entitlement mentality without actual consequences for actions continues to reap its rotten fruit

  13. Cullen? Cullen? Where has she been hiding?She still owes me two dollars for capping a weatherman in the knee that refused to give up his meteorological license!!

    I want my two dollars!!!!

  14. If “weather is not climate”, then weather reporters are an irrelevant group for the warmists.

  15. Sundance,
    Hmm. Perhaps I’m looking at this “re-education” thing all wrong. 😉

  16. Heidi Cullen was the main reason I stopped watching The Weather channel. That’s when I knew they were in the tank and it was going to be pure propaganda from there on out. I still use their webpage to check the weather, but I don’t look at anything except the forecast and current conditions..
    How is The Weather Channel now? Are they shilling as hard as they were 5 or 6 years ago?

  17. More evidence of liberal mental disorder. I find it hard to believe any self respecting skeptic or AGW atheist like me would be found anywhere near their re education camp. Unless they paid me some of their hugemongous pile of grant cash.

  18. Joe Bastardi should be consulted concerning Heidi Cullen’s scientific ineptitude. He has witnessed her pathetic imitation of a competent scientist.

  19. I somehow get a mental image of the typical School Bully, flanked by a pair of over-sized ‘enforcers’ telling the school geek “Why can’t we all just get along … my way?”

  20. I seem to recall that a guy named Stalin ran the same kind of program in places known as Gulags.
    “Hi I’m Dave. I am a skeptic.” Does that remind one of another project?

  21. Counseling by Heidi Cullen or waterboarded. Is there a door number three? – if not, Door #2.

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