Salt Lake City urges federal climate action

Maybe Utah can trade Salt Lake City to California for Orange County.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

Salt Lake City is urging President Barack Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency to “swiftly employ and enforce” the Clean Air Act to battle climate change.

Noting a 2007 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that defined carbon dioxide as an air pollutant regulated by the Clean Air Act, the City Council on Tuesday night approved a joint resolution with Mayor Ralph Becker asking for federal action. The resolution also asserts the city’s pride “on being a leader in protecting the environment, with particular emphasis on clean air”…

5 thoughts on “Salt Lake City urges federal climate action”

  1. The distorted Supremes ruling appears to be textbook EPA. Whenever they (EPA) report on the ’97 ruling it is that they (Supremes) ruled carbon is a pollutant, when nothing like that actually came from the Supremes.

  2. The Slat Lake Tribune can’t even fact check their own story. The USSC didn’t rule carbon dioxide a pollutant, they simply (and naturally for the current court, wrongly) ruled that the EPA was required to make a determination (which they then did using only data that would give the “correct” ruling based on the administration’s desires).

  3. I fail to see how inviting the Federal Government to come in and exercise authority over anything can be to the benefit of anyone except the Authoritarians.

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