Hockey Stick creator can’t even take Twitter criticism

“The lobotmizing hockey stick had been snapped like a cheap pencil.”

Brian Sussman writes at

I was a follower of Mann’s on Twitter, until he blocked me today. I guess he couldn’t take my criticism of his work. This proves to me he does not have the courage to poke his head out from the ivory towers of academia. When you release a book for consumption by the general public–especially on a topic like the environment–you should expect the heat of public opinion.

I can take the heat, because I am confident in my positions. Obviously Dr. Mann is not.

Here’s a complete recap of my twitter-tatter aimed at Michael Mann:…

2 thoughts on “Hockey Stick creator can’t even take Twitter criticism”

  1. And further. Before burning Bruno they nailed his jaws together so he couldn’t speak such heresies! The same to deniers! Never shall they point out the flaws in the AGW argument. Nail them. Nail them.

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