Ratepayers object to Illinois 'clean coal' plant

Such a deal — $12 billion in higher electricity costs to reduce global manmade greenhouse gas emissions by 0.0067% annually.

Climatewire reports:

A coalition of Illinois businesses, including retailers Wal-Mart, Safeway and Macy’s, has asked the Illinois General Assembly to reject legislation that would permit the construction of a $3.5 billion clean coal plant in the central part of the state.

The 716-megawatt Taylorville Energy Center, whose prospects are bound to S.B. 678, also called the “Tenaska bill,” would employ coal-to-gas conversion technology that proponents say will make the plant one of the cleanest coal-burning facilities in the world.

The plant would also use carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology to help offset as much as 1.9 million tons of annual energy sector carbon dioxide, according to a “Clean Coal Illinois” website set up by Nebraska-based Tenaska Energy, which would build and operate the plant.

But critics of the legislation, which awaits action in the House of Representatives, say its passage will drive up electricity costs by as much as $12 billion by forcing Illinois rate-based utilities and other electricity providers to purchase higher-cost electricity from the Taylorville plant, which would be built about 25 miles southeast of Springfield…

4 thoughts on “Ratepayers object to Illinois 'clean coal' plant”

  1. People don’t “get-it” do they? 12 Billion$ for 6.7/1000ths of ONE degree difference, is PAR for the GREEN-Gangster-ism that is Eco-Fascism. The USA, with its first Marxist President, is “ON-TRACK” for a Communist Take-over, imo. To “take-over” a country, a Communist-Globalist leader/President FIRST, DEMORALIZES… the citizens. That means UN-NECESSARY: –high gas prices, –Taxes,–high job-less-ness, –REGULATIONS killing business/resource developement,–Traitorous behavior towards the USA, AND our allies, and identifying with CRIMINALS of all stripes,–ALL of which Nobama, imo, is doing! For his “open-mike” comments, alone, imo, he should be IMPEACHED IMMEDIATELY, imo. By DEMORALIZING citizens, he HOPES, imo, they will revolt/demonstrate-violently, so that we can LOSE the REST of the country via a declaration of Martial-Law, which will send home for 6 months, the Congress and maybe our courts. Even assuming they’d return, Nobama’d then have 6 months to do WHATEVER he pleases, including inviting in Units of Red China’s People’s Revolutionary Army to “protect” US assets (YOUR house, business, car, stuff.–You’ll be at a FEMA-camp, getting gassed, shot, or re-educated). When you are “Re-educated” you MAY be allowed back to your home town(–internal passports will be issued, so you can’t travel region-region without permission–you may NEVER be ALLOWED to travel back to “visit” your house, wife, family), and if you are, you may be sharing your house with Foreign troops, who you better take good care of–“denouncement”, freshly after being re-educated, means it didn’t “take”, so you may be “un-trainable” and liable to be shot. Outside of phoning and phoning, NOW, demanding impeachment, (AND removal from office), there is absolutely NO CHANCE of surviving, with your family, more than 5 miserable years, imo, if Martial Law is enacted. The Globalists WANT 95% of those on Earth to leave it, permanently(Georgia Tombstone). Those who Know of something Other than totalitarian, one-man rule are potential “trouble” so they won’t be re-educated(-Levels Blue, Red, & Yellow), which means, MOST of us. If the Globalists want people to serve them, they will bring them in from the “Turd-World”, because those are more compliant, plus, they become instantly wealthy due to increased lifestyle, over what they had before. After most of us are put up a chimney, there’s 6-and-a-fraction Billions in other countries the Globalists want to send after you. IF you phone & complain enough, NOW, Congress MAY do something. It is LIKELY that vote-tabulation cheating will occur, due to “hacking-into” SCYTL, the Spanish firm that will count 2012 votes, partially owned/influenced by the Marxist-Globalist Clintens. SCYTL, HAS been successfully hacked-into, before. You TELL me how it CAN’T happen,–I challenge you…As always, I HOPE & PRAY I’m WRONG! By the way, in “hard-times”, a “Prayer-relationship” with your God usually gains One, some form of warning before the boom is dropped. May GOD Bless us all, Amen.

  2. This is where the (well-off, employee-worker) Green goes crazy. He is trying to “save the planet”, and the Others object to what it will cost. He figures if the costs are hidden in the background, nobody will either notice or care (like airport fees hidden in your airline ticket). Life is expensive, shrug.

    The true lie about CAGW/AGW/global warming mitigation is in the silence about costs, political and behavioural as well as financial. Nobody would object to leaving less mess or damage in principle. At issue is what is required of us to do so. Even if CAGW is an unfounded threat, if mitigation of its possibility were of no consequence, nobody would object. It is the costs that determine our decisions.

    That is what is so bad about the Greens refusal to list costs. For a true buy-in, we need to be wrap our heads around those required numbers and changes. Which is what they don’t want us to have precisely because they know what we will say: no.

  3. When the energy rates necessarily skyrocket, the deluded alarmists that supported this nonsense will look at each other and wonder what happened. Let’s save them some time, here’s a clue….. ‘Alarmist imbeciles are making your energy policy decisions’….. You’re welcome.

  4. The Cost/Benefit ratio is a fairly standard measure of the efficiency of a project.
    A $12 billion cost, amortized over a ‘benefit’ of a reduction in the *growth* of the atmospheric CO2 of 0.0067% annually (CO2 will continue to grow 99.9933% as fast as it would WITHOUT the project), works out to a nearly infinite C/B ratio – meaning the project would be quantitatively a pure and total waste of money.

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