Carney: Small-town oil boom makes blue-collar capitalists

Boom-town: Williston, N.D.

Tim Carney writes in the Washington Examiner:

…”Being out here, it’s like the American dream,” Chris Duell tells me at D.K.’s bar and casino. He bought a failing drinking-water company here in 2006, before the boom. Now his company, C&D Water Services, bottles and delivers water to many of the 200 rigs pumping oil around Williston, plus dozens of peripheral businesses. Every day more companies come in with more workers, meaning more business for C&D. Last year, C&D’s sales doubled to a million dollars, Duell told me.

“I got lucky in life,” he says. Duell, from Michigan, has seen both sides of capitalism’s fickle nature. “All my friends who have college degrees from Michigan, Michigan State. They’re all laid off”…

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