3 thoughts on “Majority of fourth graders are exposed to smoke, study finds”

  1. The majority of human beings have been exposed to smoke at some time in their lives since Homo erectus learned how to make fire about 400,000 years ago.

  2. It’s detectable. So what? I have water tests down to the sub-ppb level. I have a dioxin/furan test with the final significant figure in the part per quintillion position. What level of smoke to they have to be exposed to to hit detection? I’m thinking quite low

    The rest is as expected.
    40% of high schoolers with wheezing had smoked. Haven’t 30% of high schoolers tried cigarettes anyway? The ones that actually are heavy smokers would have hit their lungs, which would increase their chance of wheezing.
    Kids with asthma are fatter than average. Of course, when you have a disability that makes physical activity difficult, you do less physical activity and have a heavier build. Duh.

    Seriously, who writes these articles?

  3. Imo, the grade-schoolers exposed to smoke should have Vit C given along-side their lunches to sooth/protect the lung field. Because nicotine acts-against Vit C, children of smokers should have more Vit.C than just those children living in an urban area, consult your Naturopathic Physician on dosage.

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