Hillary 2016: Will she run — and should greens be psyched about it?

On the downside she was for Keystone; on the upside she’s for population elimination.

Senior citizen-hater Lisa Hymas writes at Grist.org:

Will Hillary Clinton run for president in 2016? She’s given no indication that she will — in fact, she’s said very clearly that she won’t — but that isn’t stopping rampant speculation. (No wonder, as we’re all sick to death of talking about Mitt Romney’s dog and Rick Santorum’s vajihad.)…

Clinton will turn 69 just before Election Day in 2016, but she’d still be younger than Ronald Reagan was when he took office — and I’d put big money on septuagenarian Hillary besting a septuagenarian Gipper (or a 40-something Marco Rubio, for that matter) in a battle of wits…

As secretary of state, Clinton’s biggest green failing, many enviros would argue, has been her inclination to rubber-stamp the Keystone XL pipeline. And she, as part of the larger Obama administration, has failed to make notable progress toward an ambitious global climate agreement — though she can hardly take full blame for widespread global intransigence on this issue…

Whatever her other failings, Clinton won’t stand idly by while men try to take away women’s reproductive health care and hard-won rights. Santorums of the world, consider yourselves warned.

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