Council on Foreign Relations: Electricity rationing is the solution to climate change

“Please, sir, I want some more.”

In “Natural Gas and Climate Change: It’s Policy that Matters,” Council on Foreign Relations energy and environment fellow Michael A. Levi writes:

… The lesson for people who care about climate change should be simple. Focus on constraining gas supplies, and even if you win, you’re unlikely to effect much change. Concentrate on demand side policy and your odds of victory may be longer, but a win will be far more worthwhile.

7 thoughts on “Council on Foreign Relations: Electricity rationing is the solution to climate change”

  1. Global warming is no longer a myth or a hoax. It is a religion. Trying to talk someone out of believing it is just as easy trying to convert a Buddhist to Catholicism.

  2. The solution is simple. All those who claim to believe in global warming just have to limit their carbon emissions. When all of them no longer have SUVs or any vehicles that pollute, when they all run their houses on solar power, when they stop stomping a humungous carbon footprint every time they want to have a conference about stopping the humongous carbon footprints, then they will be doing what they want and will be helping the environment. Until then, it’s hard to believe that they believe the garbage they spew. Remember the ol’ saying: Do as I say and not as I do! How convincing.

  3. There’s massive amounts of money to be made following their approach… and all of it at our expense.

  4. CFR . . . I suggest a membership freeze of this organization . . . then watch it dwindle.
    This Cabel of Global Elites is a useless blast from the Progressive Past . . . about 100 years old and corrupt to the core!!!

  5. Setting aside the fact that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by global bureaucrats to wrest control from property owners, stock holders and the like and bring all energy sourcing under government management, he makes a good case for environmentally clean nuclear power.

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