Eschenbach: The EPA’s Mercurial Madness

In the process of writing my piece about Lisa Jackson and the EPA, I got to reading about the EPA passing new mercury regulations. Their regulations are supposed to save the lives of some 11,000 people per year. So I figured I should learn something about mercury. It turned out to be quite surprising … here was my first surprise:

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3 thoughts on “Eschenbach: The EPA’s Mercurial Madness”

  1. A great essay.

    I think the ability to understand syllogistic reasoning or magnitudes is like seeing color. Higher education should select out those who are intellectually colorblind, but it doesn’t. Clearly ms. Jackson is incompetent.

  2. Scizzor, I think that this all part of the ploy to make the power plant CO2 standards pass muster. If you note the proposal from last week, the explicit (middle of page 2) assumption of the rule is that the EPA expects no coal plants to be built in the next 30 years (or ever, really). They would not have been able to make an low-economic-effects calculation.

  3. I have no doubt that Jackson et al know the data they use, and the benefits they claim are bogus. They need an excuse to force coal fired power plants out of business. Mercury and CO2 control is the way to success.

    Obviously, Jackson has an ulterior motive. The CFR issued a paper a few days ago saying energy needs to be rationed to combat climate change. In order to do that, energy has to be in short supply. The EPA is on track to accomplish that goal.

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