Consol’s Energy Alternatives

An impressive sight.

Barron’s reports:

In mid-January, the largest-ever cargo of coal was transferred from more than 1,500 rail cars at Norfolk Southern’s Lambert Point pier in Norfolk, Va., onto a ship headed for China. The shipment of just under 160,000 net tons of metallurgical coal was supplied by Consol Energy from its Buchanan Mine in Virginia. That’s enough to make about 207,000 tons of steel, which in turn could be used to manufacture 230,000 cars…

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4 thoughts on “Consol’s Energy Alternatives”

  1. Bravo for Consol. This export provides employment for miners, railroad workers and the Lambert Point dock workers, with a ripple effect out through the economy. All of this in spite of the government efforts to sabotage the business.

    Am I worried about mercury pollution? Not when they are measuring it in parts per billion!!!

  2. If you read the report the benefit for solar is solely based on fewer “greenhouse gases.” This hoax is being traded for heavy metal poisoning, which is being used by environmentalists to shut down coal and other forms of mining. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander.

  3. If you don’t use it, someone will. Now the question is, which one is the smarter of the two?

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