Melodrama: Mann endures cornmeal in envelope for 6-year old daughter

Who will play Michael Mann in the movie about his epic struggle?

The Guardian reports:

… “On one occasion, I had to call the FBI after I was sent an envelope with a powder in it,” Mann adds. “It turned out to be cornmeal but again the aim was intimidation. I ended up with police security tape all over my office doors and windows. That is the life of a climate scientist today in the US.”

Mann insists he will not give up. “I have a six-year-old daughter and she reminds me what we are fighting for”…

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4 thoughts on “Melodrama: Mann endures cornmeal in envelope for 6-year old daughter”

  1. “what we are fighting for” Yes Mike, we know what you are fighting for. Your goal is the full implementation of the UN’s Agenda 21. The way to achieve this, is via the AGW scam. Along with the Ag-21 abomination comes big money for you and your fellow scammers.

  2. Mann is a master of conjuring huge consequences from little data, if any. Thus are all skeptics tarred with the same brush. If he were actually concerned about his young daughter at the prospect of such a traumatic incident (his predictive powers are legendary) she would have been living somewhere else under an assumed name.

  3. He slurs large groups with pejorative terms, then wonders why he gets hate mail. Folks, I think we have next years Nobel peace prize winner and Time’s man of the year all rolled up in one. Putz.

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