Climategaters update world temperature data

2010 is now the warmest year on record, according to HadCRUT.

The BBC reports:

Researchers have updated HadCRUT – one of the main global temperate records, which dates back to 1850.

One of the main changes is the inclusion of more data from the Arctic region, which has experienced one of the greatest levels of warming.

Another change is the way sea surface temperature (SST) is recorded, accounting for technological advances now available to researchers.

The update is reported in the published in the Journal of Geophysical Research.

Despite the revisions, the overall warming signal has not changed. The scientists say it has remained at about 0.75C (1.4F) since 1900.

However, the amendments have resulted in a change in the dataset’s “warmest year on record”.

Previously, it was 1998. However, the revised data now lists 2010 as the warmest, with 1998 recorded as the third warmest…

18 thoughts on “Climategaters update world temperature data”

  1. I tell you what, whether it is warming or cooling, it doesn’t matter much to me. The climate is not man-made or man-controlled. I have to react to it. I can’t change it. We have been “warming” since the last ice age. When I was a kid in the 70s and early 80s they were teaching me that we were heading towards an ice age due to the pollution. Now we are headed to a global epidemic from global warming, again, due to pollution. They lie about their data, they falsify it, they manipulate it, the media eats it all up and protects them, and the masses in the world are led by their idiotic noses because they can’t seem to read past the false headline and think for themselves. And then they ask the politicians what they are doing about it, and they create incredibly insane policy that costs me money because they want the votes of the mass of idiots out there. This is a never ending cycle (like climate change, which is natural) which will someday be understood to be fraudulent, but by then I will be an old man (I am 42). Incredibly stupid people led by an incredibly stupid media, led by incredibly pompous false scientists.

  2. New (revised) data shows that past was cooler than previously thought (and after the next revision, will be cooler still).

  3. Satellite instrument readings have to be validated with ground temps in order to provide an equivalent temperature, so if you corrupt the ground readings then you can’t trust the satellite temp reading either.

  4. ground monitors are the opportunity for cheating.

    Roy Spencer is the answer–the satellite total planet monitor.

    i will wait for what Roy has to say.

  5. I guess they didn’t like the stats which reported the earth has been cooling since 1998. Let’s do a Mann – alter the stats to reflect what should be happening not what has happened. So much BS. Tomorrow we read in all the leftist papers how the earth now is really warming, supported by this year’s warm winter but ignoring the extremely cold winter in the rest of the world.

  6. Dammit! You skeptics caused the temperature to go up !!!

    “Researchers have updated HadCRUT.” WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT?
    Because you skeptics laughed at them, pointing out that the temp hadn’t
    gone up in 14 years. So they fixed the skeptics by fixing the numbers!
    Yeah, pun intended. They “fixed” the numbers.

    If no one had said anything, they would have had no reason for an

    Let me check my Funk & Wagnalls. Ahhh . . . here it is:

    Up-date vb tr: pad data to get desired result.

  7. These ‘warmies’ need to find something new to fret about. Global warming just isn’t happening!

  8. Don’t these folks understand that no one believes them anymore? The little credibility these scientific frauds had was squandered with the 1st batch of emails. Their reports now have as much value as the latest market prices for whale oil.

  9. How do HadCRU manipulations compare with satellite measurements? This data does not require being manipulated. As I recall December 2010 was dreadfully cold in the NH. In addition I think it snowed on the equator in July 2010 in South America.

  10. So, GISS believes the Chinese coal industry (temporarily) stopped climate change singlehandedly? I see a Nobel in the works for the leading coal-based Chinese utility. Or maybe not. Then there’s the Catch 22 of stopping the SO2 – which is more doable than stopping CO2.

    The main thing wrong with believing the universe revolves around me is that I view the world in terms where the weather seems better if I brushed my teeth that morning. (Or whether my sulfur emissions offset my carbon emissions – both of which would make climate dependent on and controllable by me.)

    I’m suspicious of the “adding” of Arctic data where none existed to get to a warmer 2010. There are specialists better suited for that analysis. Importantly, the statistically insignificant ranking of slighty warmer or cooler is – insignificant.

  11. I have invested my retirement funds in cattle ranches in Greenland, and in vineyards in Britain. Thank you HadCRUT for providing the information that led to my purchase of these valuable shares!

  12. Of a NASA site, Posted on Jul 06, 2011

    Science News, the Washington Post, and Climate Central have all written about a new study, published this week by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, that suggests a decade-long lull in global warming, which has caused some commentators to question the scientific underpinnings of climate change, stems from large increases in sulfur dioxide emissions in Asia. Between 2003 and 2007, global sulfur emissions have gone up by 26 percent. In the same period, Chinese sulfur dioxide emissions have doubled.

    Here’s how the GISS authors explained the situation:

    We find that while the near-term effect of air quality pollutants is to mask warming by CO2, leading to a net overall near-term cooling effect, this does not imply that warming will not eventually take place.

  13. The trouble with cherry-picking is the same problem that ranchers have with fenced pastures. It is called the “Grass-Is-Greener” phenomenon.
    If you reach just a little further up the cherry tree you are sure to find a cherry that you will like a little more than the ones you already have.

  14. how many thermometers do they use to measure the Artic ? 2-3-4 ? nothing like taking a measurement and applying it to a location a 1,000 miles away …

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