Briggs: Bioengineering Humans To Combat Climate Change

“They call their program Means to Escape Nasty Global Eruptions of Lurid Energy, or MENGELE for short. No, I’m kidding. That one was already taken. They’re still searching for a good name, and I’m sure they would welcome suggestions.”

William Briggs writes:

Aren’t bioethicists a fun bunch? When last we met this speculative crew, they were wondering whether we should “let baby live“, and they were developing a pill to eliminate racism.

And now they have figured the Final Solution for climate change. Bioengineering people. Yes: so say academic philosophers Matt Liao of NYU, and Anders Sandberg and Rebecca Roache from Oxford in their forthcoming peer reviewed “Human Engineering and Climate Change” in the journal Ethics, Policy and the Environment…

One thought on “Briggs: Bioengineering Humans To Combat Climate Change”

  1. WHHAA . . . Why Have Humans At All?

    I don’t imagine these “ethicists” will be the first ones committing suicide
    to save Gaia.

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