Alarmists try walking back ‘Human Engineering and Climate Change’ paper

Is the spotlighting of “Human Engineering and Climate Change” a case of “academic trolling”?

Slate backpedals in “Is ‘Human Engineering and Climate Change’ Paper a Case of Academic Trolling?“:

…Near the beginning of the paper, the authors point out that they don’t think that it “ought to be adopted,” but that it “deserves consideration alongside other solutions.” They also emphasize that human engineering would be voluntary, “possibly supported by incentives such as tax breaks or sponsored health care”…

Click for the “Human Engineering and Climate Change” article.

3 thoughts on “Alarmists try walking back ‘Human Engineering and Climate Change’ paper”

  1. This paper violates the rule that to be interesting, science fiction must be plausible. (A problem shared by many academic papers.)

  2. As a voluntary program, this could evoke a graphic demonstration of Darwin’s theory.

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