Shock Poll: Meteorologists Are Global Warming Skeptics

“As this and other scientist surveys show, believing that some warming is occurring is not the same as believing humans are causing a worrisome crisis.”

James Taylor writes at

A recent survey of American Meteorological Society members shows meteorologists are skeptical that humans are causing a global warming crisis. The survey confirms what many scientists have been reporting for years; the politically focused bureaucratic leadership of many science organizations is severely out of touch with the scientists themselves regarding global warming issues.

According to American Meteorological Society (AMS) data, 89% of AMS meteorologists believe global warming is happening, but only a minority (30%) is very worried about global warming…

One thought on “Shock Poll: Meteorologists Are Global Warming Skeptics”

  1. The survey, which is detailed (19 pp.) at paints a different picture. Meteorologists turn out to be more enthusiastic about warmist dogma than one might think, considering that *forecasting weather using models* is their business.

    What is worse, a great majority thinks the American Meteorological Society (AMS) should do more to ‘educate the public’ about global warming. This, however, is a clue.

    The vast majority of AMS members invited to participate in the survey declined; therefore, those who did participate were a correspondingly small, self-selected group. When global warming is the issue, who are those most likely to show up and demand that ‘something be done’, especially to ‘educate the public’?

    You got it. They basically surveyed the warmists. If anything, the sole surprise is that among meteorologists, the warmists are more ‘lukewarm’ than most.

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