VOA: Debate Over Global Warming Heats Up

Even the U.S. Government’s propaganda outfit is rethinking global warmism.

The Voice of America reports:

Hardly a week goes by that we aren’t reporting a story on concerns about global warming.

But, a growing number of people in the scientific community are coming forward to express doubts about the prevailing scientific opinions concerning global warming

No doubt the warmists will kick the crap out of the VOA for that sentence of honesty.

Read the entire report.

One thought on “VOA: Debate Over Global Warming Heats Up”

  1. NOTHING…will happen to the VOA, because the VOA’s telling of the TRUTH of the “Credibility-Gap” that the bureaus that support warmists, have. A “credibility-gap” LOSES the party in power its re-elections. About the ONLY way for govt. employees to lose-jobs, is IF the budget significantly declines, and a cutting of budgets occurs when the voters perceive the bureaus are STILL LYING to them, imo, as the warmists have been, and THEN they compound their LYING, by THREATENING the deniers,–ALWAYS a bad-move, because that’s what Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, Kim Jong-Ill, and others did(–and MORE), rather than address the “issues” of their voters/citizens. With 110 million killed by their govts. in the last century, threats should be headed-off/answered/addressed, and if the threats are NOT addressed, that may be a CLUE that they will NOT be addressed/fixed/answered, so if they CAN, the citizens will bail in the next election, or if they CAN, self-deport.

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