Utility panel: closings could impact Ohio rates

“High electricity prices are not only painful for individuals, but also can make it difficult to attract and keep businesses.”

The Associated Press reports:

The closings of six coal-burning power plants operated by FirstEnergy Corp. could end up bringing higher electricity rates to much of northern Ohio several years from now, the state’s utility regulators said.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio this week sent notice to the federal energy regulators that the closings “could have a dramatic impact on electric prices” in a region that stretches across the top of northern Ohio and dips into the central part of the state. That area includes Toledo, Cleveland and Youngstown and their suburbs.

FirstEnergy announced two weeks ago it was shutting down four coal-fired power plants in Ohio and one each in Pennsylvania and Maryland, blaming new environmental regulations aimed at reducing pollution…

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One thought on “Utility panel: closings could impact Ohio rates”

  1. Lisa Jachtson’s Green-Nazi EPA Schutz-staffel,imo, will end-up denying Ohio to Nobama. Presidents ALWAYS get blamed for the economy, and rates should be LOWER, not higher, and I feel people will figure that Jachtson’s closures are very ILL-TIMED, and that Nobama COULD have stopped/delayed the closings until AFTER the winter. That’s my prediction, Nobama just LOST Ohio. Suck it up, Prez, I WARNED YOU, –I TOLD YOU Jachtson (–your girl) would be a PROBLEM(–to us AND to you). If cold, people will choose HEAT over squeeky-clean air. Due to cloud-formation making the planet cooler (because the sun bathes the Earth with irridations, thereby making gas-/vapor, into focusing “clusters”, leading to clouds {as proved to my satisfaction by CERN}) the whrmthrs are going on the ropes, to the benefit of Deniers like me, and populations everywhere. The bureaus and the Media have NOT yet gotten the “message”, so they, too, will further drag Nobama down. Nobama will STILL win, even though he will get only 30% of the vote, because the Spanish firm TABULATING all the 2012 USA votes are Clinton(Commie)- influenced, imo, and will give Nobama a landslide, switching the percents with a single key-stroke to a “70%” Nobama LANDSLIDE, imo. I HOPE I’m WRONG! NO ONE is willing to talk about this, except Dr.Michael Savage, who IS…but is not considered…MAINSTREAM…because Savage has the 2nd largest talk-radio audience, –is a “Winner” in multi-media, with a SHELF of best-sellers,–Non-fiction & fiction, and, is NOT afraid to SPEAK the TRUTH! The entire thrust of the Republican candidates is a sheer WASTE of TIME,–for them, and everybody, because they should NOT criticize each other, later giving Nobama “ammo” with which to attack the guy selected, but hit Nobama. Once they hammer Nobama, people will judge the candidate by the points he RAISES over the “lousy-job” Nobama’s doing. Like it or not, the public will judge the “winners in the Republican field AGAINST Nobama”, and will ignore constant attacks against the other Republican candidates. Any advisor who advises AGAINST going on Savage or Levin, should be summarily FIRED, because McCain stayed-away from Talk-radio, and MIGHT…have been able to have won, IF… he had gone-on talk radio, because the Conservatives and the Independents are all listening to Savage, and, Levin. That’s WHERE the VOTERS for Republicans ARE, so, I repeat, IMMEDIATELY FIRE, any “consultant” that advises against going on talk-radio. Avoid talk-radio, if you DON’T WANT the 9 MILLION VOTES those hosts like Savage influence. Plus, going on the SavageNation or Mark Levinshow.com(–the Foremost Constitutional Scholar in the Country, with a new best-seller out, “Ameritopia”) is FREE! FREE is GOOD!! There’s no “free-lunch”, but there’s FREE RADIO!!! Use it, or LOSE IT(–I mean, LOSE…the nomination/election!).

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