Virginia county fooled into rejecting fracking

Rockingham County is misled into embracing myth over economic development.

The Washington Post reports on how a lone local politician (a Republican no less) scared a Virginia county away from permitting fracking — despite that there is no proof that fracking has contaminated drinking water anywhere.

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4 thoughts on “Virginia county fooled into rejecting fracking”

  1. greeggy, you’re a troll. An annoying, mosquito-like, buzzing, irritating troll. You wouldn’t recognize science if someone slapped you in the face with it. In fact, from your posts, I suspect you hate science, as it goes against your religious beliefs. Go play on huffpo, or somewhere else where your sort of drivel is welcome. Please.

  2. Maybe they’ve heard about flaming tap water and value clean water over fracking earthquakes and toxic drinking water!

  3. Fracking is not a problem, it’s the injection wells. This is why Ohio had 11 earthquakes, all in the area of a injection well. If you have your water Pre tested you would know if fracking may have contributed to your water being contanminated. The question should be contanminated with what as most of our drinking water is contanminated until your local water plant cleans it up so you can drink it. Bottle water is the worst but we keep buying it. There will be a “DAY” when your going to pay more for water than gasoline, my thought is …..drink more beer, as it cost $.086 oz vs your average bottle of water at $.23oz. Now, to figure out how we can use beer in our vehicles. Just kidding but clean pure water is becoming a world wide problem. Your body is made up with 66% of water…without it in 7 days and you will Die !!

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