Hayhoe: CO2 ‘a tiny grain of the most deadly poison in the world’

Hayhoe’s whine country tour goes to “progressive” radio.

Ex-Gingrich climate chapter author and climate martyr Katharaine Hayhoe says in an interview:

If you think that humans aren’t big enough to affect the planet, all you have to do is look at the pollution in the air you can see it with your own eyes! If you think that carbon dioxide doesn’t make up enough of the atmosphere to have an impact, well what would happen if you took a tiny grain of the most deadly poison in the world? It might be so small you couldn’t see it, but it would be enough to kill your entire body, which is much bigger!

Click for the entire report from Tom Nelson.

4 thoughts on “Hayhoe: CO2 ‘a tiny grain of the most deadly poison in the world’”

  1. You maybe able to see pollution in the air in certain urban environs, which make up a tiny portion of the Earth’s total area BTW, it’s not, however, capable of universally affecting the planet. I’ve personally never actually seen this phenomenon, and I’m from the Chicago-metro area.

  2. Who is her audience? Most children hearing this drivel would be doing the double face palm. I don’t see any pollution in the air. Is she confusing low clouds and humidity for pollution? No data/facts given (I didn’t read the whole article) just alarmist nonsense. She is a scientist–right?? Her degree must be in paranormal psychology.

  3. You cant make this stuff up. Its like they are getting in line to Out Hansen, Hansen. Cullen claiming the earth is pissed off cause of earthquakes and Irene, Mann apparently unaware the global temp is way below normal and claiming journalistic malpractice because climate change is being brought up for the warm ( but about to change) US winter and now this.

    To quote Slim Pickens.. What in the Wide wide world of Sports is going on here

  4. NOW CO2, which plants LOVE, and is used in greenhouses to “finish” a crop before harvest… is compared to an UN-NAMED POISON!? I guess the rumors are true. HayHO, imo,…is eating the Jimson-weed, the “LOCO-WEED!” She’d better stop with that green “LOCO-WEED” she might be referring to,–it could poison a person, but you’d have to have more than a tiny bit. The negative claims get MORE and MORE OUTLANDISH, the MORE DESPERATE the GREEN-Meanie-weenies are, now that Global warming is shown to be a World-wide FRAUD! Now you KNOW why Gingrich DROPPED her chapter from his new book. With her chapter in there, HE would have looked like HE was “On Drugs”, imo, LOL! Can’t you just visualize the Harried, drugged-out HayHO, chewing her CUD of Loco-weed and loosing her Grip?…

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