U.S. carbon rules could slam door on new coal plants

“The proposed rule is certainly expected to send the message that coal is dead.”

Reuters reports:

The Obama administration is expected soon to unveil long-delayed rules limiting carbon emissions from new coal-fired power stations, possibly helping to slam the door shut well into the future on building plants that run on the fuel…

Melissa McHenry, a spokeswoman for American Electric Power, said the United States needed to worry about the long-term implications of the carbon rules.

“Near-term it’s not an issue, but what are the implications of the rules longer-term if the shale gas business doesn’t pan out the way people expect it to?,” she said. “It’s a concern for long-term reliability” of the electric grid.

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3 thoughts on “U.S. carbon rules could slam door on new coal plants”

  1. Carbon rules like every other “Environmental Solution” offered up by the AGW crowd are simply designed to KILL people, while they hide behind the pretext they are trying to save the planet. It has been, and always will be about reducing what they consider to be the surplus population. That means us.

  2. We have to understand and explain in detail to any and all that the GOAL of carbon control rules of any kind is to shut off the power, everywhere, but especially in the Western Free market countries. Or what’s left of them anyway. Without understanding this as the guiding principle we can never make sense of the carbon control community, nor impede their progress. Unless we explain to someone in Minnesota or Maine that the government wants to shut off their furnace in the winter, or a resident of Phoenix that they will no longer have fans or air conditioning under carbon control rules, we won’t make progress.

  3. What about the implications that the rules are based on a fictitious political belief and will result in no tangible benefits whatsoever?

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