Biden’s son sues Obama’s EPA

This is not a political show at all.

The Milford Beacon reports:

In a suit filed Friday in federal district court in New York, Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden joined a coalition of 11 states against the federal Environmental Protection Agency, asking the Court to direct the EPA to promptly propose, and then finalize, new soot pollution standards. The Attorneys General took legal action after the EPA failed to meet an October 2011 deadline to adopt new soot pollution standards, as required under the federal Clean Air Act.

“The health of our environment has a direct impact on the health of our families,” said Biden. “The EPA must do its job to reduce pollution, improve air quality, and protect the well-being of Delawareans and all Americans”…

Read the entire report.

We first reported on this law suit last Friday.

3 thoughts on “Biden’s son sues Obama’s EPA”

  1. Though there are no bodies,–yet, I…WANT… the lawsuit, for if they RAISE the soot-levels allowable, those closed coal-plants can be re-opened, even for a few months, and Delawarians and others of the Eastern Atlantic and other states can get cheap heat, so they don’t overload the state’s budgets with emergency pneumonia cases/deaths thereby providng the bodies, but for a different reason. People would rather be WARM and have to maybe filter that warm air (–if lung-compromised), than have no heat, have clean, cold air, but pneumonia, DUE to that clean, cold air. I think Biden’s suit is Righteous, because the EPA doesn’t, obviously, CARE, one way or the other, about citizens affected by those rules, and if people DO die–due to pneumonia, which CAN be fatal, I imagine Biden does not want the Demon-crats to take the local BLAME for those deaths, which is what is likely to happen, killing their chances of retaining the Senate and preventing losses in the House, in case Clinton (Bill) is un-able to stop a Republican Presidential-accession with its Vote-tallying from the Socialist Paradise of Spain (whose banks the Fed shored-up, back when, with our tax dollars during the bail-outs). For this lawsuit, you’ve GOT to ADMIRE Biden’s son! How PROUD Joe must be of him,–tweaking the Nose of the President, his boss, who should have prevented this problem, and embarrassing his EPA, but Joe’s son, is showing himself, a NOBLE MAN, because he’s standing UP for his constituency, over the National Party. Joe Biden’s son is standing-up for us all, G-d BLESS Biden’s Son, Amen! Other than this, I probably don’t agree with him anywhere else. PS. IF…he wants the soot-levels lowered, keeping those plants shuttered, I imagine there will be deaths that could have been prevented by a little “Eco-MERCY” via the heat from a coal-plant. WINTER…is NOT the TIME to “worry” about clean air levels over cases of Pneumonia, and I can SWEAR to You, G-d WILL PUNISH, in some way, clean-air…over lives! But I think Joe’s Son is trying to get those plants open,–to protect his constituency’s lives, and then, he is to be commended! There’s some talk of Dumping Joe from the ticket this time, but I wonder. I feel a recovery would have already been making itself felt, if Biden were the President, and NOT Nobama. For one thing, Biden missed that Bilderberger meeting in 08, and even if a Globalist, doesn’t then have to have followed its dictates, but although often wrong, I know Biden LOVES this country, but being the Vice, can only wring his hands and bring his boss coffee. It takes a REAL MAN to be #2, standing-by when you can do it better, and biting your tongue. He must have it about in two pieces by now. G-d BLESS Joe Biden, Amen.

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