Elmer Gantry Torpedoed: ‘Evangelical’ enviro unmasked as phony pro-lifer at EPA hearing

Illinois Congressman John Shimkus exposed the Evangelical Environmental Network’s pro-life testimony as phony.

Shimkus pointed out today at the hearing on the EPA mercury rule that, despite it’s pro-life testimony, the ENN has not endorsed any pro-life bills. Shimkus was brilliant.

HHRG-112-IF03-WState-MHescox-20120208Click for the ENN’s “pro-life” testimony.

3 thoughts on “Elmer Gantry Torpedoed: ‘Evangelical’ enviro unmasked as phony pro-lifer at EPA hearing”

  1. I am always interested in the end note references in testimony. I mean, if you are going to make an assertion you’d better have your ducks in a row – numbering them is also a good idea. So it was with some humorous alarm that I noticed no citation for reference to any evidence (reports, findings, scientific journals, etc.) regarding the introductory presumption that: “Children are a precious gift from God.”

    Where is the evidence for the actual existence of this all-knowning, all-seeing, omnipresent gift giver? Moreover, why should I believe anyone who asserts such a thing without a scintilla of evidence. Fact is, there is no such entity (at least there is simply zero evidence to even suggest the possibility) and without any proof, the remainder of his testimony isn’t worth the paper it is printed upon.

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