Texas State Climatologist: ‘Heartland Irony Instuitute’

Alarmist Texas State Climatologist John Neilson-Gammon appreciates Fakegate.org.

Neilson-Gammon writes in the Houston Chronicle:

I tried. I tried to stay above the fray, quietly watching the speculation of who wrote the fake climate strategy memo, then being amazed as a National Academy member who was suspected of writing the fake memo admitted to distributing it but not writing it.

Meanwhile the stolen but real documents (Heartland has not claimed any alterations to them) have nothing to surprise an alarmist, and nothing to surprise a skeptic. As for whether there’s anything for the legal authorities to be concerned with, I doubt it. Heartland, as with other nonprofits dealing with controversial issues, employ lawyers to make sure they don’t cross any improper boundaries.

Everyone is aware that Peter Gleick’s actions appear to be having the opposite effect from what was intended, so the situation is already flush with irony. [As a reader notes in the comments, Gleick’s former position as head of the ethics committee for AGU is high irony too. – John N-G 2/26/12] But the Heartland Institute has taken irony to a new level with its brand-new website, fakegate.org…

Read the entire commentary.

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