Gleick defense to forgery accusation: ‘Who’s the anonymous donor’?

No effort to change the subject there.

Debra Saunders writes in the Stockton Record:

… But Gleick did not admit to faking the memo. Chris Lehane – the former Al Gore flack who is representing Gleick pro bono – notes that the two-pager contains “previously unknown facts” since confirmed. Lehane says Heartland should “get off its Trojan high horse and come clean by explaining the identity of its secret large donor”…

Read the entire commentary.

3 thoughts on “Gleick defense to forgery accusation: ‘Who’s the anonymous donor’?”

  1. This Gleickgate affair is a windfall in identifying those who are biased in favor of alamism as opposed to those who simply believe. Unabashed warriors against objectivity from the worlds of science, journalism, politics, economics. Worth taking note of every one of them.

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