State Department Promoting ‘Gasland’, Other Enviro Films To Foreign Audiences

“Ask yourself if you’re comfortable with the fact that this is how your government is choosing to represent you to other nations.”

Caleb Howe reports at

In a true “what the frack” moment, the State Department, in association with the USC School of Cinematic Arts, has included the film Gasland in a list of 29 films to be showcased around the globe as part of an “international cultural diplomacy initiative”. The initiative, called “The American Film Showcase”, takes a panel of directors, film experts, and assorted talking heads to events the world over to screen the selected films and discuss them.

Gasland, you may recall, made quite a splash for the now famous scene featuring flammable tap water. The film (we hesitate to use the term “documentary” so loosely) is an opus to anti-natural gas drilling, and uses the fears of families about their drinking water to great dramatic effect. However, the infamous flammable tap water turns out not to have anything to do with “fracking”, despite what filmmaker Josh Fox would have audiences believe. That scene, that most pivotal scene, is not what it appears to be. As our own Steve Maley has pointed out, both the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, among others, have debunked Fox’s claim:..

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4 thoughts on “State Department Promoting ‘Gasland’, Other Enviro Films To Foreign Audiences”

  1. Pseudoscience is for situtions where science is not enough. Like politics.

    Cheer up. The stronger the political control, the more lame the pseudoscience and the less ability to dispute the politics. So relax, the time when it is unnecessary to expend energy on disputing pseudoscience approaches. (/s)

  2. Hillary Clinton did very well in a prestigious University and was considered among the best lady lawyers when she practiced.

    She bought into the toxic air scam with 9/11 responders in New York City. The work was done outdoors where air is constantly refreshed by breezes. yet she wore a mask when she visited New York months after the dust had settled. She bought into the idea that preschool intervention can positively affect life outcomes when the effects wear off by third grade. And she believed in WMD before the Iraq War. That was a deadly mistake.

    I doubt if she could follow the not so difficult argument that Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick was probably an artifact of his statistical masturbation. The fact that there is a natural barrier of at least 1000 feet of Earth between a fracked well and anybody’s water supply would mean nothing to her. She admits that she did poorly in Math and Science.

    Mrs. Clinton works hard and has a good heart. But she is SOOOOO dumb, it’s painful. Mr. Clinton has the same problem of falling for pseudoscience. What does education do?

  3. “international cultural diplomacy initiative”.
    ‘worldwide progressive indoctrination effort’

  4. State Department… that would be Hilary Clinton. She’s darned clever, so this is part of some plan. Otherwise, why waste the time?

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