Global Warming Lefties Commit Identity Theft to Target Conservative Think Tank

“The way they got the information was blatantly illegal.”

Ben Shapiro writes at BigJournalism:

… Somebody on the left side of the aisle registered an email address with the name of someone on Heartland’s Board of Directors, and then emailed a member of the administrative staff at the Institute asking that information be sent. The administrator complied, whereupon the fraudulent email account was deleted, and the information was blasted out to enemies of the Institute.

I spoke with Heartland’s Director of Communications, Jim Lakely, today. Lakely informed me that the supposed “confidential memo” laying out the “Heartland Climate Strategy” was created out of whole cloth – it was not created by anyone at The Heartland Institute, or anyone associated with them. It specifically cites the Koch brothers, for example, as a way to try to discredit the agenda of the Institute…

Read the entire report.

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